Creating a site that caters to two different audience segments

JonesMillbank Website


Jones Millbank is a leading video production company based in Bristol, UK. Founded by Russell Jones and Ash Millbank, the company specialises in producing high-quality films, commercials, and digital media for a diverse range of clients across various industries from heritage brands to Glastonbury headliners. Their work is characterised by a strong narrative approach, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative storytelling techniques.


  • Taking a brand identity that did the company an injustice and creating a new visual experience that matched the high-level creativity and clout the brand has cultivated
  • Creating a website that showcased everything this brand encompasses as well as ensuring it’s editable and accessible for the team to update and refresh when needed
  • Ensuring the two (very!) different audience segments felt spoken to and catered for across the website

Key Ideas & Insights

Taking inspiration from the production industry

We took inspiration from the colour palette through specific gaffer tape used in production. The idea behind the lines and doodles is inspired by production notes and scribbles when planning shoots. We wanted to include this little touch to add personality and character to the brand. 

Solving the problem of the two audience segments without creating two sites

We set up a custom functionality button at the top of the site which allows you to switch between the main site and a tailored version for agencies. This avoids creating two sites (and thus, losing traffic) but allows them to tailor what the user sees based on what audience bracket they are in. Depending on which Homepage you land on will depend on what copy and case studies you see.

Giving the client full control to edit, design and change projects on the website

The client wanted full control over how each project on the website is displayed instead of using templates. We set up a bespoke setup of a range of custom blocks they could add and remove for each project. 

Customised add-ons to bring personality and edge to the site

The whole brand and website has a bespoke design, custom page transitions, custom cursor, intro animations and hover effects bringing their brand to life in an imaginative way.