Inspiring the audience with opportunity

Let's Go Events


Let’s Go isn’t just an event and travel brand, they’re a community, a way of life, an opportunity, and a lifestyle choice. They sell events, trips and a chance to change your lifestyle from watching people travel through a screen to putting your backpack on and doing it yourself.


  • Design a brand that cultivates a community of young people that’s shouted about and sought after
  • Tap into people’s desire to travel and be the vehicle that gets them off the sofa and onto the plane 
  • Creating something that speaks to everyone’s idea of travel from wholesome hikes to all-night parties

Key Ideas & Insights

Finding the balance between loud and leisure

We built the idea around being exciting and engaging, we wanted something to stand out, most of the other travel companies were nature-based, muted and earthy in colours. We wanted to be more vibrant, to entice the full spectrum of people that travel.

Playing with the angles of the typeface to mimic landscapes

We decided to keep the logo clean and simple by using bolt-condensed type for impact. We then added a slant to promote ideas of activity and movement. 

Creating custom patches for the company as fun, nostalgic assets 

Due to the brand being so diverse in the activities offered, we went with the idea of patches, inspired by children’s outdoor communities like Scouts or Cubs. We created a range of patches for the different events and activities they offer which added visual prompts and personality to each activity.