Relaunching a brand with an equal serving of Gen-Z POV and a source of nostalgia

Official Music Charts


Founded with the aim of offering insights into the music industry's trends and successes, the Official Charts are the UK’s only official, trusted weekly barometer of what’s popular in music right now. The Official Charts captures the pulse of music scenes, providing insights into songs, albums, and emerging talent. The Top 40 Official Singles Chart has been chronicling the tastes of arguably the most influential music nation on the planet for 70 years.


  • Creating an authentic brand that marries up timeless and trending to a T
  • Building a brand whose audience believes holds currency, and cultural value and feels vital
  • Showcasing branding that delivers a highly trusted, authoritative media brand that knows how to appeal to young music fans and deliver impact

Key Ideas & Insights

Enhancing a household brand to please the full range of audience

The Official Charts needs to adapt to the trends and the zeitgeist of its Gen-Z audience whilst staying one step ahead visually and still being memorable with its secondary, older audience. We kept the well-known arrows as part of the logo concept that hits the sweet spot between Gen-Z and nostalgia.

Using movement to create playful passes to the Gen-Z audience

Gen-Z is always ahead of the curve when it comes to visual aesthetics. They love dynamism and immersive experiences so we decided to utilise this insight when creating brand stickers for The Official Charts to give character and movement to everything they post.

Ensuring the visual works and is instantly recognisable across all touchpoints 

The Official Charts is a brand that appears across a multitude of media from TV screens to magazines. This presents a challenge of ensuring the branding is never questioned across any platform and the visuals are consistent and coherent through every screen and print media.

Clearer, sharper, bolder

Our redesigned logo is crisper. The text is bold and inviting, ensuring it performs well in any scenario. 

A window into the charts

We developed an underlying concept that the two arrows come together offering up a window into the charts. The window acts as a snapshot in time and is a reflection of UK culture. 

Merch Design

Watch this space.